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July 31, 2009

Loved in and Lusting.

I am IN LOVE with this right now: Urban should pay me for all I write about them...BUT...right now they are having a "stock up sale" which means shirts/basics that are normally around $32-$48 are on sale for TWO FOR $24! Epic. They are really speaking to the public these days. Here are somethings I'm dying to add to me overly populated wardrobe!

July 25, 2009

If my BFF's were BAGS.
















July 21, 2009


Loving all these beauties right now. fash.spir.ation.
PC: 4th and bleeker. knightcat. fashiontoast.maura and eve.

Beautiful Beatles.

The Beatles get it right every time:

"...don't want to sound complaining But you know there's always rain in my heart. I do all the pleasing with you It's so hard to reason with you. Oh yeh why do you make me blue."

I think we all need to be more understanding, compassionate, and realize that growing up is a hard task. I may night be perfect, but I'm pretty damn smart, fun, pretty, outgoing, lively, chatty, witty, funny, beautiful, honest, loving, empathetic, curious, and forgiving. Yes, I really do believe all of those things about myself.

We're all in this together my loves.

July 20, 2009

Things I am in LUST with...

Home Sweet Home. Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin.

1. My parent really being on my @$$ about money. I needed a swift kick.

2. Realizing that I can't assume everything. There have to be good people out there somewhere.

3.I found a new love for this grocery store Fry's. I got enough groceries to last me over 2 weeks for $79.00. Including: wine, really nice cheese, fish, and my tofu nuggets.

4.2 liters of FRESCA for 79 cents!

5.Kathy Griffin...the woman says what I wish I could.

6.The show "Intervention". I have so much to be thankful for---no addiction, abuse, or awfulness.

7.Applying for jobs. I am addicted. I love seeing what is out there. And with the help of my good friends step mom I think I've gotten my resume and cover letter nearly perfect!

8.The 50% off sale on all sale items at Urban Outfitters (its over now suckas!)

9. Chilled vino. So good with ice cubes. My friend Sam forwarded me this amazing recipe, it was Chilean white wine with some sort of ice cream in it, coconut maybe. It looked delish!

10. Cleaning. New found love.

11. Meeting new and interesting people. I've met so many wonderful new people over the last week.

12. Pulling a "Britney". I cut my own hair today---it's never looked better! No more split ends!

13. My vintage Levi cutoffs that I made myself. Sexy, simple, and perfect for showing off my tan legs.

14.Weeds, Entourage, Hung, Nurse Jackie.

15.Being told I'm like a reality tv star.

16.BBM's, blue moon, monsoon season

17. Random concerts

18.The most amazing studded gladiator sandals form Urban---$10!

19.Red cups


July 11, 2009

Putting the F in unction.

Me. Myself. And I.

A wise boy/man once told me about "functionality". What is that you ask....about clue. As far as I'm concerned no one is reading this except my mom, William, and Kevin. So....what I'm trying to say is: read if you please, but I'm not sure I even like Oprah so I'm not going to preach you, praise you, or teach you life lessons. I'm basically here to write what I want about my life, which you either want to live (because its AHHHMAHHZING) or you don't. Simple enough, right? I'm not always going to write in perfect prose, because sometimes I don't think it gets the point across. If you want me to write a grammatically perfect piece I assure you I can; however, sometimes it's fun to live on the wild side and spelling something wrong or leave out a comma. I love comma's. I do know some great websites though. Those kind of websites that draw you in, the gifts that keep on giving. I'm a blog-a-holic. Shhhhhaaaaabannng! (apparently that is a word, it is not underlined in red, utterly confused.)

Some of my faovrites include: (they just revamped the site: sexual&violent)

July 10, 2009

Sugar Me Daddy....Yes You...I like your wrinkles...

We see it all the time: Carrie & Big, Hugh Hefner and his young ass biznatties, the guy at American Junkie whipping fat bills out of his pockets to make it rain for his sugar mamas. Dude looked about 50ish, and the girls were probably my age, around 22. They had moves like Beyonce (think strippers), and class like Courtney Love. I see underwear on a daily basis, there is no need for me to see yours in public, unless I ask...which I didn't.

I read this great quote on Julia Allison's website, "It’s easiest to be friendly when I’m happy but I forget sometimes that being friendly can make me happy":, she is the mecca of what I one day hope to do. Have a website that is not only snarky, but brilliant, fun loving, and purposeful. However, I don't think I've reached that stage yet where I allow myself to pass judgement on others, before forgetting that they too, infact are passing judgement on me.

As much as I want to bite my tougne and tell these girls to go for it, I just didn't understand. This man is throwing money at them, while I've slaved away over text books for 4 years trying to do the same thing for myself. Only two words come to mind: DADDY ISSUES

If you would like to find a "Sugar Daddy" for yourself I found you some GREAT tools! YAY!

The Elite

Get A Sugar Daddy

Sugar Daddy Online Dating

Free Sugar Daddy Dating & Sugar Baby Personals

Who knows, maybe if I don't find a job I'll have to seek out some 60ish G-Pop with a gold Rolex to pay my insurance, and buy me yogurt and wine...the essentials you know. Only time will tell....

July 7, 2009

I've Got That Fashion Feeling

Obsession off the week:MOD:Models Off Duty





Just walked into the computer lab at my apartment building, and much to my delicious delight my ASU E-mail, Facebook, and Twitter were all logged into. UM...WTF??? Looks like I forgot to sign out, yesterday was evil. But today I'm feeling fashion. Just because I got into my car and it read 111 degrees does not teeter this little lady from knowing whats important.

I went through my e-mails are found my old login for, its a sem-exclusive web community about all things fashion. You fill out a questionaire and they get back to you deeming you worthty or what not. I was accepted, duh.

Moody Mondays

Photo Credit: Google Image

Seeing as it is 11:59 PM Monday is basically over, and thank the lord for that. It was a Monday I would soon like to forget. However, I did not come with empty thoughts and complaints. I came with music babieeeez!

Here is what I'm loving right now:

1.Kings of Leon-"Revelry"
2.Wale ft. Lady Gaga-"Chillin"
3.Kid Cudi ft. Lady Gaga-"I Poke Her Face"
5.Lady Antebellum-"I Run to You"
6.Lady Antebellum- "Looking for a Good Time"
7.Rob Thomas-"Her Diamonds"
8.Girl Talk-"Play Your Part (pt. 1)"
9.Asher Roth-"Be By Myself"
10.MGMT-"Electric Feel"
11.Lonely Island-"I'm on a Boat"
12.The Fray-"Never Say Never"
12.Kings of Leon-"Ragoo"


July 6, 2009

Never Seen BAD look so GOOD

Photo Credit: Google Image

I have a thing for bad boys. Not your typical protocol of tats, spikey hair, and leather jackets (ew). But more of an I'm going to ignore you, make out with your best friend, make your kitten love me, cook you dinner, tell you "I love you", and then leave you standing outside in the rain in a white t-shirt made of melting fabric.

Tonight I ventured out with the best friend, William, to see "Public Enemy". I now have a new kind of bad boy obsession. A dapper dude from the 1930's, Johnny Depp can call me doll all day. He is fabulous in the movie, a true John Dillinger bad ass. The movie was beautiful, and I loved seeing landscape from my hometown, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The bestie and I have moved on to wine & "Weeds".

xx Molly

I Know What Boys Like

I decided to bring both of my blog worlds together. I'm the resident fashion blogger at "College Affair Magazine" which is an awesome read based out of Scottsdale, Arizona, for the students by the students! Check out the website, and my new blog I just posted. I'm interested in what ya'll think, because as far as boys go, I'm a lost cause at understanding what their little minds are thinking!

xx Molly

I Know What Boys Like. But I Don’t Care.

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