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July 11, 2009

Putting the F in unction.

Me. Myself. And I.

A wise boy/man once told me about "functionality". What is that you ask....about clue. As far as I'm concerned no one is reading this except my mom, William, and Kevin. So....what I'm trying to say is: read if you please, but I'm not sure I even like Oprah so I'm not going to preach you, praise you, or teach you life lessons. I'm basically here to write what I want about my life, which you either want to live (because its AHHHMAHHZING) or you don't. Simple enough, right? I'm not always going to write in perfect prose, because sometimes I don't think it gets the point across. If you want me to write a grammatically perfect piece I assure you I can; however, sometimes it's fun to live on the wild side and spelling something wrong or leave out a comma. I love comma's. I do know some great websites though. Those kind of websites that draw you in, the gifts that keep on giving. I'm a blog-a-holic. Shhhhhaaaaabannng! (apparently that is a word, it is not underlined in red, utterly confused.)

Some of my faovrites include: (they just revamped the site: sexual&violent)

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