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July 10, 2009

Sugar Me Daddy....Yes You...I like your wrinkles...

We see it all the time: Carrie & Big, Hugh Hefner and his young ass biznatties, the guy at American Junkie whipping fat bills out of his pockets to make it rain for his sugar mamas. Dude looked about 50ish, and the girls were probably my age, around 22. They had moves like Beyonce (think strippers), and class like Courtney Love. I see underwear on a daily basis, there is no need for me to see yours in public, unless I ask...which I didn't.

I read this great quote on Julia Allison's website, "It’s easiest to be friendly when I’m happy but I forget sometimes that being friendly can make me happy":, she is the mecca of what I one day hope to do. Have a website that is not only snarky, but brilliant, fun loving, and purposeful. However, I don't think I've reached that stage yet where I allow myself to pass judgement on others, before forgetting that they too, infact are passing judgement on me.

As much as I want to bite my tougne and tell these girls to go for it, I just didn't understand. This man is throwing money at them, while I've slaved away over text books for 4 years trying to do the same thing for myself. Only two words come to mind: DADDY ISSUES

If you would like to find a "Sugar Daddy" for yourself I found you some GREAT tools! YAY!

The Elite

Get A Sugar Daddy

Sugar Daddy Online Dating

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Who knows, maybe if I don't find a job I'll have to seek out some 60ish G-Pop with a gold Rolex to pay my insurance, and buy me yogurt and wine...the essentials you know. Only time will tell....

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