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July 20, 2009

Things I am in LUST with...

Home Sweet Home. Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin.

1. My parent really being on my @$$ about money. I needed a swift kick.

2. Realizing that I can't assume everything. There have to be good people out there somewhere.

3.I found a new love for this grocery store Fry's. I got enough groceries to last me over 2 weeks for $79.00. Including: wine, really nice cheese, fish, and my tofu nuggets.

4.2 liters of FRESCA for 79 cents!

5.Kathy Griffin...the woman says what I wish I could.

6.The show "Intervention". I have so much to be thankful for---no addiction, abuse, or awfulness.

7.Applying for jobs. I am addicted. I love seeing what is out there. And with the help of my good friends step mom I think I've gotten my resume and cover letter nearly perfect!

8.The 50% off sale on all sale items at Urban Outfitters (its over now suckas!)

9. Chilled vino. So good with ice cubes. My friend Sam forwarded me this amazing recipe, it was Chilean white wine with some sort of ice cream in it, coconut maybe. It looked delish!

10. Cleaning. New found love.

11. Meeting new and interesting people. I've met so many wonderful new people over the last week.

12. Pulling a "Britney". I cut my own hair today---it's never looked better! No more split ends!

13. My vintage Levi cutoffs that I made myself. Sexy, simple, and perfect for showing off my tan legs.

14.Weeds, Entourage, Hung, Nurse Jackie.

15.Being told I'm like a reality tv star.

16.BBM's, blue moon, monsoon season

17. Random concerts

18.The most amazing studded gladiator sandals form Urban---$10!

19.Red cups


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