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September 14, 2009

You know you love me.

8:46pmKelseyspotted M Dix sexin' up the city of Milwaukee... but how long can k smith stay away...xoxo...gossip girl

(just Facebook chatted via Kelsey you pretty girl!)

For a great take on Gossip Girl screenshots I head over to my trusty!

Tonight is the season premiere of Gossip Girl, I'm lucky I figured it out after the facebook updates. No advertising? Is anyone else anticipting The Beautiful Life like I am? Mischa was so great in the OC and hello Ashton turns whatever he does into gold, so I'm hoping I have another reason to stay in, blog, drink vino, and not spend any money (now that True Blood and Weeds are over).

Although I've always loved the GG fashion I'm not sure that this season is doing it for me. First of all Jenny and Vannessa are sporting dreads/awdul extensions...and trust me I know about extensions. If I can be a non-famous, non-working, recent college grad and rock amazing ones...then SURELY these biznattys can up their hair game. Serena's style was spot on...romper, floral boyfriend blazer, floor grazing dresses; however, i wasn't loving blairs polo match look. Pink and green seemed a tab bit premeditated, as long as her shoes were red I might let it fly. I did love her green dress though, and that she was sporting one of the new (and highly advertised) Tiffany key necklaces.

The boys: they win...except for Chuck's miliatry-esque suit. I must say that Dan looks It's slightly awkward seeing him in a thriller movie trailer, while hes playing a newly-spoiled UESider via GG two minutes prior.

As you can see on clothing looks promising. Goooooosh Vanessa's hair is AWFUL...maybe they really were going for dreads?

you know you. love. me.



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