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April 30, 2010

crazy girlfrieds club.

When does Facebook stalking become unacceptable? When you see some girl writes on your boyfriend’s wall and you throw a fit, even though he is with you, and loves you, and thinks you are the most beautiful girl in the world. It’s enough to drive a half-sane girl crazy.

Twitter is another story, it’s up to date and down to the minute snapshots into someone else’s life. It gives you the option to stalk: who are they with, what are they do, why wasn’t I invited?

It becomes obsessive, a culture of being sub-par in real life, and ordinary on the web. Someone “de-friends” you on Facebook and it stings, or unfollows you on Twitter because you didn’t interest them enough or you annoyed them. If you friend someone and they delcline, you ask yourself why? Was I not pretty enough, skinny enough, rich enough? It’s a superficial world – one that I admitted ably have been sucked into head first. I check my friends to see if what they are doing is better than what I am, I check in on my boyfriend to make sure he’s not doing anything sketchy behind my back: and let me state this: my boyfriend is the most loyal, down to earth, exceptional, most handsome, loving, understanding, and caring man that I have EVER met. He is perfection to me, so why do I feel the need to check up on him if he’s definitely NOT doing anything wrong? I feel the need to, because I can. Once I do I make up these horrible scenarios. Who is that, why are they writing that, what happened here, what’s going on in that picture. I can even back track and look at his heinous ex-girlfriend’s, but why? Why would I want to inflict something upon myself that will make me upset. Once again, becuse I can. So here's to a new start: I'm going to try and use my social networks as portals for my creativity, my work, my social skills. Not to check up on the people I love and trust most in my life. Facebook and Twitter were created to BE FUN! and I've let myself strip out the fun into a complusion. CHEERS to starting over: -- Ohhhh technology how I love thee.

Note to Adam: I love you more than anything & maybe this will give you some insight into my annoying tactics. You are the god and the weight of my world. xx.

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