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June 16, 2010

lying killz.

new obsession. since gossip girl is on hiatus. great styling on the show. and the girls are always put together so chic. great hair and makeup.

epic style.

urban dictionary.

Foxy Platform - Caramel
Jackie Cutout Platform

1. jeffrey campbell
2.jeffrey campbell
both via
3.aldo (on sale for 50% off around $70)

if i don't get these shoes in my life ASAP i might die. i'm trying to save $$$$ so the two pairs that are around $140 each will have to go to shoe heaven.

Things I've learned (about my new home) job. new city. new roommate (gosh he's handsome.)
La Crosse postcard post card - Main Street, La Crosse, WI

It's a cute city. With old charm. I still can't believe I got over my dreams of moving to NYC. But I'd do anything for Ad, and I cry a lot more when I don't see him.

1. Bachelor parties are exremely popular. It's almost like a hobby in La Crosse on any given night Adam and i see at least three roaming the "streets".
2.Pregnant woman often frequent said bars. I've yet to see one drink, but you never know.
3.Wearing a romper will get you starts in every direction.
4.People like to tell you how pretty you are on a regular basis. It must be that small town charm.
5.There are very cute boys in small towns. Very cute but dressed like nerds.
6. Drinks are cheap (if you're a girl).
7.FAC (friday after class) has little meaning at this school and you can get a burger and friends for $3.00 and a pitcher of beer (helloooo coors light!) for $3.00 as well. Cheap date!
8. Rent is cheap - $230 a person - living like kings!
9.There is little to do, but I'm sure I will appreciate the lack of shopping in exchange for the nature trails. Six-pack abs here I come!
10. I need a hobby - maybe I'll start a jewelry business. Or trail for a marathon.

June 11, 2010

La Crosse.

Yes. I'm moving to this tiny little town boasting 50,000 people called La Crosse, Wisconsin.

WHY: For Love. AND because I just landed a great job-that I'm SO thankful for and SO excited about starting in two weeks. I will get to put my professional skills to use. ABOUT DAMN TIME. I'm also putting my decorating skills to use  (skills that are rather dusty). I like the white sheets and a lot of colorful pillows, Parisian art, and  I HATE leather couches. Le beau has a leather couch so I guess I'll have to get over that one, but ommmgeee they make you so sweaty in the summer.

HUGE PROBLEM: his (now our) bathroom is tiny. and since I'm shelling out half of the rent i don't want me stuff to get shunned away. HOW DO I MAKE IT WORK. There is no counter space, and while i don't have that much makeup (that's a lie - I bring 3 bags up with me each weeked: 1. for eyes/eyebrows 2. face/lotions/tinted mosturizers. 3.blush/bronzer/bobbie pins/elastics - and then I guess i have a FOURTH that hands on the wall with my body stuff like bronzing gel/sunless spray/ and hair serum....)

Adam hates his life right now - JUST KIDDING - we are both so excited and can't wait to start this new chapter. i just have some shelving to purchase and lots to do!!!!



The story behind my twitter handle: it is MY middle name. A name passed down to me from my great-grandmother on my Dad's side (I think). Anyway, I didn't know to spell it until probably 8th grade and before college it reminded me of the little known McDonald's due to the big M little c big K conversation when having to spell it out. In college I fell in love with it, and think that someday it might be a cute name for a little one ( 5-10 years from now...thanks).

HOWEVER. For the time being I want to put: @McKerihan on one of these (gorgeously nerdy) bad boys.

It's like Carrie Bradshaw + Twitter had a baby and = the hippest.

@ sign or # hash tag it. BRILLIANT all photos from:

OH and they start at $50...HOLLA!

June 6, 2010

2010 Spike TV Awards.

I'm not sure jessica beil and bows really work, but i do love her skirt. charlize looked amaziiiing----THOSE SHOES. and brooklyn decker ummmmm. the hair? and crotchless dress. i'm just not sure i like it, at all. 

lind-sanity. sunday.

Cheers to a lazy Sunday morning. Just cracked open my first diet coke, and Adam has been playing video games via headset with his best friend. I'm stuck to my own devices and decided to do a little google-ing. What the fudge is up with Lindsay Lohan. Everyone has said it before, but girlfriend needs to get it together. She used to be my style icon (yes...I'm totally grossed out I just typed that); however, she was gorgeous, successful, dating (mildly) respectable men. Now she is wearing an alcohol monitoring device, can't decide whether she looks better as a day-glo brunette/blonde/redhead, and is just out of her @#$%^&* mind.

She really looks like Boy George.
She looks so bloated. I wonder how they got that SCRAM bracelet around her cankles? Did Uncle Karl ever you send you those Chanel stickers?

June 5, 2010

lyfe. style.

And if you’re only around later that afternoon, I’ll be participating in an Internet Week panel called “Love 2.0,” moderated by my friend, Paul Carr.
Should be amusing, if nothing else.

I'm very big into lifestyle blogs. I like reading about what others are doing in various parts of the country: NYC, LA, SF, even the Lone Star state. However, recently I've been finding the ones I look at religiously to not be enough...go figure, I'm from the generation where I can't watch a move for 2.5 hours without wanting to claw my eyeballs out and drink a sugar free Red Bull.

I look to:

for lifestyle...and for the fashion saavy I can't get enough of:

HOWEVER used to be my go to. I LOVED hearing what Julia, Mary, and Megan had to say. Now it's Julia, Katrina, Emily, Laura, TJ, a beauty blogger (?) who doesn't blog and Melissa. It's just overload. There isn't one person that is doing it RIGHT. Julia and Mary used to nail it every time, and Jordan Reid (bless her soul, probably one of my favorite blogger of all time) got it right to, now it's going to #$%^&. So, Julia...please FIX IT.

June 3, 2010


thank you shop bop for always inspiring me. looks found and put together via

p.s. i drove past their madison, wi store last weekend and it looked dark. did it move?

starfish around my neck!

i just ordered the below necklance when i saw it on and yes. i had to have it for only $12. and jordan's looks beautiful after 12 years. gahhh i love this girl and her style. so thank you for the heads up!!! can't wait to get it in the mail. (shipping was $9 which is kind of annoying for groud but oh well - smiling anways!) annn tan skin, unruly curls, a romper and this necklace. divine.