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June 11, 2010

La Crosse.

Yes. I'm moving to this tiny little town boasting 50,000 people called La Crosse, Wisconsin.

WHY: For Love. AND because I just landed a great job-that I'm SO thankful for and SO excited about starting in two weeks. I will get to put my professional skills to use. ABOUT DAMN TIME. I'm also putting my decorating skills to use  (skills that are rather dusty). I like the white sheets and a lot of colorful pillows, Parisian art, and  I HATE leather couches. Le beau has a leather couch so I guess I'll have to get over that one, but ommmgeee they make you so sweaty in the summer.

HUGE PROBLEM: his (now our) bathroom is tiny. and since I'm shelling out half of the rent i don't want me stuff to get shunned away. HOW DO I MAKE IT WORK. There is no counter space, and while i don't have that much makeup (that's a lie - I bring 3 bags up with me each weeked: 1. for eyes/eyebrows 2. face/lotions/tinted mosturizers. 3.blush/bronzer/bobbie pins/elastics - and then I guess i have a FOURTH that hands on the wall with my body stuff like bronzing gel/sunless spray/ and hair serum....)

Adam hates his life right now - JUST KIDDING - we are both so excited and can't wait to start this new chapter. i just have some shelving to purchase and lots to do!!!!

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