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June 5, 2010

lyfe. style.

And if you’re only around later that afternoon, I’ll be participating in an Internet Week panel called “Love 2.0,” moderated by my friend, Paul Carr.
Should be amusing, if nothing else.

I'm very big into lifestyle blogs. I like reading about what others are doing in various parts of the country: NYC, LA, SF, even the Lone Star state. However, recently I've been finding the ones I look at religiously to not be enough...go figure, I'm from the generation where I can't watch a move for 2.5 hours without wanting to claw my eyeballs out and drink a sugar free Red Bull.

I look to:

for lifestyle...and for the fashion saavy I can't get enough of:

HOWEVER used to be my go to. I LOVED hearing what Julia, Mary, and Megan had to say. Now it's Julia, Katrina, Emily, Laura, TJ, a beauty blogger (?) who doesn't blog and Melissa. It's just overload. There isn't one person that is doing it RIGHT. Julia and Mary used to nail it every time, and Jordan Reid (bless her soul, probably one of my favorite blogger of all time) got it right to, now it's going to #$%^&. So, Julia...please FIX IT.

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