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June 16, 2010

Things I've learned (about my new home) job. new city. new roommate (gosh he's handsome.)
La Crosse postcard post card - Main Street, La Crosse, WI

It's a cute city. With old charm. I still can't believe I got over my dreams of moving to NYC. But I'd do anything for Ad, and I cry a lot more when I don't see him.

1. Bachelor parties are exremely popular. It's almost like a hobby in La Crosse on any given night Adam and i see at least three roaming the "streets".
2.Pregnant woman often frequent said bars. I've yet to see one drink, but you never know.
3.Wearing a romper will get you starts in every direction.
4.People like to tell you how pretty you are on a regular basis. It must be that small town charm.
5.There are very cute boys in small towns. Very cute but dressed like nerds.
6. Drinks are cheap (if you're a girl).
7.FAC (friday after class) has little meaning at this school and you can get a burger and friends for $3.00 and a pitcher of beer (helloooo coors light!) for $3.00 as well. Cheap date!
8. Rent is cheap - $230 a person - living like kings!
9.There is little to do, but I'm sure I will appreciate the lack of shopping in exchange for the nature trails. Six-pack abs here I come!
10. I need a hobby - maybe I'll start a jewelry business. Or trail for a marathon.

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