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August 31, 2010

Taylor Swift - "Mine"

August 29, 2010

scared for life.

Baby of 008.JPG and 107.JPGBaby of 008.JPG and 107.JPG

Adam and I are goign to the the UGLIEST baby ever. Coming from two attractive specimens. So terrible.

August 26, 2010

Ann Taylor Loft Women's Palm Lindi Buckle Suede BootieAnn Taylor Loft Women's Black Sarra Suede Open Toe Bootie
Both Boots: Ann Taylor Loft for under $130  - dyyyyyy.innnng.


Alice + Olivia Sequin Bustier Cotton Dress
via nasty gal. sea of shoes. jak and jill, alice and olivia. 

happy birthday to me!

Sideways Cross Necklace, Taylor Jacobson Style, Small Handcrafted Horizontal Sterling Silver Cross By Classic Designs on Etsy
via the boyfriend
VIA Theresa Mink is AMAZING!

via my parents! ahh so happy to have a Tag Heuer back in my life!

beach. wayne.


"up north"

Anytime I reside at someone's lake house or cabin I call it "going up north". This weekend Adam and I will be joining three friends at Kyle's cabin for some fun in the sun. When I go out on the lake I like acting like a native wildlife fashionista - part trashy, part glam hippie.

I plan on:

Drinking Beer
Drinking boxed wine
Eating chips and dip - with all the FAT included
Not curling my hair
Wearing my hair in braids
Wear no shoes
Living in my bikini
S'mores anyone?
Staying up late gossiping with the boys
Possibly smoking a cigar
Grilling - eating - drinking - and taking place in ridiculousness

August 24, 2010

kiss moi.

"No, I don’t think I will kiss you, although you need kissing, badly. That’s what’s wrong with you. You should be kissed and often, and by someone who knows how."

love this. 

via Julia

August 21, 2010


Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic

Someimes you just find clothing that speaks to you. In this case, I'm dying over the rosettes and subtle beauty.  I would kill to get my hands on these pieces. They have that elegant boho, lady who lunches, sweet, sexy, innocence that is brilliant and oh so coveted - by me. The navy backless dress is $390 and though the price makes me cringe a little - I just might have to pinch pennies to get it. In serious lust...

Stone Cold Fox
Lady Botanian 2010
clothes can be ordered at:

August 20, 2010

Total girl crush on Shane Lamas Richie (married to Nick Richie of the former - now the - his website was a favorite at ASU - known for trashy trashing girls - amazing) the two newlyweds recently launch a site and I've found myself tuning in daily to see Shane's style tips and read her cute verb-age. The beauty has a way with words, and she's come A LONG way since her days on the Bachelor (the British invasion season).

Bird to be.

Bird by Juicy Couture Adrian DressBird by Juicy Couture Zoe BlazerBird by Juicy Couture Button Cardigan with Silk Panels

Bird by Juicy Couture. 

"The masterminds behind hit label Juicy Couture, Pam Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor introduced this sister line for fall '09. This season sees strong shouldered dresses, Breton-striped tops and cropped studded waistcoats high on the agenda." -

images via

which one? NONE wants to know what movie you will be seeing this weekend. I choose: NONE!


Today while browsing I came across this picture of the beautiful Whitney Port. YES. She is extremely thin, but shame on Perez for not noticing that the little lady has ALWAYS been this tiny. Remeber when Andre Leon Talley freaked out over how tiny her legs were in skinny jeans at a fitting. Personally, I think it's wreckless to call her out, when she can't help it. I think she's just built this way. THOUGHTS?


Magic Tan is the BEST spray tan I've EVER had. Next to a custom airbrush of course. I'm super dark, it looks natural, and even though I'm Struggles McGee with the worst summer cold ever, I'm glowing!!! 

August 19, 2010

times are a changing.

I'm getting my hair done next Wednesday by one of my prospective clients. She takes an artistic approach to color and is highlighting my hair and extensions and cutting them both. I'm missing the depth and dimension that my hair had with golden highlights so I'm thinking about going Bronde (brown/blonde) again. HOWEVER, this ONLY works with a bitchin' tan. I got sprayed today - thank you Shades of Body in Sparta. I love having beauty oriented prospective clients. Because I can stop in and work with them on their advertising and on my way to my next meeting get a gorgeous Magic Tan.

So here is what I'm thinking. I've been dying over Ashley Greene's new hue and we have similar skintoneage so I'm thinking is a maybe:

I couldn't resist uploading the whole picture. But I LOVE Ashley's hair. Thoughts?

OR a little J.Biel?

OR I could add richness via my celebrity twin.

LOVE her hair here!

Here she is blonde. I will NEVER go this light again. and Neither should she!

Lindsey Price is so adorable. I'm so flattered that people stop me all the time to tell me I look just like her. If on....

things that happen to me:

Over the last few weeks weird things have been happening to me, and I've encountered a lot of firsts in my life. One of these things was that I got a bladder infection. Did you know they are from holding your pee? I'll spare you the graphic details. I also had a homeless man try to get into my car with me at a Kwik Trip in La Crescent, MN. This is NOT a first, as I did go to college in Arizona so the homeless were plentiful and very grabby. Yesterday, I was chased by a lovely young man in a motorized wheelchair. He was kind enough to tap on my window and throw me a smile and a wave as I got into my car. I'm trying to process his determination as a good thing - and not as creepy. The President of the company I work for took us out to happy hour at one of my favorite local spots Huck Finn's (it's right on the water) and I drank a delish marg. OBSESSION for RZ. Will not die....obsesssss.

Rachel Zoe Stylist Rachel Zoe attends Marc Jacobs Spring 2010 fashion show at The Armory on September 14, 2009 in New York, New York.

a story.

I would like to end my day of three back to back client meetings - and 2.5 hours of drive time with a MGD 64 and some Kraft Mac & Cheese.