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August 11, 2010

gossip girl - professional edition.

Do women ever get over themselves? I thought at the ripe old age of twenty-three that I wouldn't have to deal with workplace gossip or bullying. While I hate to say it, but everything my professors taught me in my professional business communication classes was spot on. There is jealousy, mind games, back handed compliments, and the like. However, I've noticed that the brunt of these in the face scare tactics are thrown upon me by women (usually older than me, heavier than me, and more competitive than me). I find it rough and confusing, because if I go out of my way to be friendly (in a honest to goodness friendly way) 9 out of 10 times my ass gets kicked on a jealous rampage. It's made me want to keep my professional success a secret from said co-workers, when I feel as thought a nice pat on the back and high five would up my confidence. Advertising and Sales can be a tricky business, and while I'm fairly new to the advertising and radio media world - I've been working with others my WHOLE life. In marketing, communications, sales, and the like.

Does anyone else feel like the work place can be an all all cutthroat empire of who can be the bitchiest? I love where I work and love the people I work with. So, do I just have a case of the "woe is me's"? Or am I being edged out as the competition?

Friendly food for thought :) CHEERS! xx.

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