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August 9, 2010

it's been a while.

...yes.yes it has.

Most of you know (hi friends and family!) that I've followed my heart and career path and relocated to La Crosse, Wisconsin. Small town, the opposite of my NYC dream, and about as relaxed as middle America can get. I'm on lunch break right now - and was feeling out of touch with my former self. Being out of your comfort zone will do that to you. I'm working at a broadcasting company (they own the six major stations in La Crosse) and the company is out of this world amazing.

Prospecting and client meetings have proved to be a bit challenging for me, and I'm still working on finding my voice as young professional. As my bosses have told me I already have a list of strikes against me, the top three being: young, attractive, female. It's hard to believe that just by being a woman I will have a harder time in advertising consulting.

HOWEVER: no one tells me I can't do anything. So it's my pleasure to prove everyone wrong!

Besides work I've been saving money. My one extravagance is Xtreme Eyelash Extensions which I am OBSESSED with. I found a salon Natural Beauty (the only one that does these extensions between Milwaukee and Minneapolis) and a wonderful beauty expert Emily. It's been three weeks since my last appointment so I get new ones this Wednesday!!! They are only $75 your second time and TOTALLY change your look. In the photo below you can SORT of see them, but always having felt like I had NO eyelashes is a treat I deserve for all my hard work!

On the fashion front: I've got nothing. There is littler to desire as far as shopping goes in the area. :) I did make an order on and got a cute shirt with cut out shoulders and a giant feather necklace along with some other goodies that I will have to post pictures of. I mostly live in heels an pencil skirts or workout clothes at the moment.

Life is good. Love is great. and La Crosse is starting to feel like home.

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Chelsea said...

Glad to hear everything has been so good for you! I am applying for "real" jobs and can't even imagine what it is like to actually be in one!