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August 19, 2010

things that happen to me:

Over the last few weeks weird things have been happening to me, and I've encountered a lot of firsts in my life. One of these things was that I got a bladder infection. Did you know they are from holding your pee? I'll spare you the graphic details. I also had a homeless man try to get into my car with me at a Kwik Trip in La Crescent, MN. This is NOT a first, as I did go to college in Arizona so the homeless were plentiful and very grabby. Yesterday, I was chased by a lovely young man in a motorized wheelchair. He was kind enough to tap on my window and throw me a smile and a wave as I got into my car. I'm trying to process his determination as a good thing - and not as creepy. The President of the company I work for took us out to happy hour at one of my favorite local spots Huck Finn's (it's right on the water) and I drank a delish marg. OBSESSION for RZ. Will not die....obsesssss.

Rachel Zoe Stylist Rachel Zoe attends Marc Jacobs Spring 2010 fashion show at The Armory on September 14, 2009 in New York, New York.

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