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September 30, 2010


Life is all about having "YES!!!" moments. Bypassing the bullshit and getting over it. I spent my life being consumed by worry, lack of self-confidence and self-pity. Then I got to college and realize that not only was I a crazy pessimist, but that it was making me kind of un-fun to be around. I would get mad, feel bad for myself and fess up a fake positive attitude - it was draining. Then...I GOT OVER IT.

Our lives are too precious to worry about our to-do list, how stressed we are, how busy we are, our goals - we can't worry - we just have to get it done. The company I work for is so passionate about self management and stress relief. We took a quiz yesterday, I scored a 54, which means you're basically so stressed that you're going to self implode - not attractive. I let myself get so stressed to the point where I can go without eating for three days ,survive on sugar-free red bull and come out of it with two zits on my chin and a zit on my cheek (true story - I'm 24 and have THREE zits right now).

Stress management is NOT easy nor is it something that can be kicked in the ass overnight. If you're feeling like you're drowning in a pool of virtual work vomit try listening to "The Strangest Secret" by Earl Nightingale. It was recorded in the 1950's but is based on the mentality of knowing where you're going, progressively realizing a worthy goal, deciding on your fate by doing a pre-determined job with already the outcome you wish to have. The secret is: we become what we think. You want to be rich think rich, you want to be thin think thin, you want to be the best - well know that you friggin' are. Or watch Jessica's Daily Affirmation. He notes that good luck will be attracted to you - and it works.

Having this "YES!" attitude drilled into me for two weeks now I brought it up to Adam. I want him to be more positive, to think things through, to stop with the "WHAT IF'S!?" Nothing is going to be as bad as it seems unless you let it. I told him this Mark Twain quote that was in the presentation my co-worker Susie gave, "I'm an old man and have known a great many troubles - but most of them have never happened."

It's like someone saying, "be the change you'd like to see in the world..." Hate faith in your goals, your dreams, your destinations. Turn your negatives into positives. Adam had A TON of laundry to do. I said think of it this way, you get it done between study smart people things and after it's all folded, you wont have to do it for another month and you'll have clean man-der-wear!!!

September 29, 2010


Wearing faux fur can go dangerously wrong. If you're small - like Rachel Zoe who is always decked out in a mink vest or coat of some sort - prints like leopard can be overbearing and ahem trashy. I personally love my faux fur vests. They weren't investments, all bought for under $50, I have two black ones (one shaggy, one that looks like alpaca or kind of dread), a white one that had sleeves that I cut off, and a brown/grey version that you can see in m Oktoberfail posts below. Keeping it simple is key. Dark jeans - J Brand Love Story is my favorite - simple booties - and a solid color shirt. Stock up on cocktails rings, a delicate necklace, and simple diamond studs. I also love a billowy blouse, skinny jeans and riding boots. You can prep it up, glamor it out, or be boho chic.
faux fur-midnight faux fur jacket
Bebe $159
faux fur-tibi faux fur coat
Tibi $539
faux fur-lipsy textured faux fur gilet
faux fur-bb dakota janika faux fur vest
BB Dakota $65

faux fur-rebecca taylor fauxfur chubby coat
Rebecca Taylor $435

faux fur-warehouse faux fur gilet
Warehouse $85 - THIS WILL BE MY NEXT ONE! LOVE!!!


Meet my new shoes. Colin Stuart for Victoria's Secret: $88. DREAMS really do come true.

September 28, 2010

Picnic Table Fairy Tales.

Halloween Circa 4th Grade.

In 4th grade my mom made me a picnic table costume. She hot glued on plates, empty chip bags, plastic hot dogs and the tiniest little plastic ants. My finger nails were painted fire engine red as were my lips. Emme and Kate (my beautiful younger sisters) were the same thing. My mom always made the best costumes: 50's circle skits, the tiniest cowgirl outfits complete with a cow-print vest and hand fringed skirt of the same fabric, I was a gypsy when I was probably one - decked out in a head scarf and clip on earrings. I always had the best and most memorable costumes and my childhood was all the better because of the painstaking creativity and thought my mom put into making us feel special. Even my senior year in college, my youngest sister Kate as visiting me, and my mom send us one-shoulder Indian Princess costumes that she had made out of suede, hand fringed and bordered with Indian-esque ribbon.  I'm smiling right now and how much these costumes meant to me. It's the small things that make you realize how blessed you are. Having a mom that would slave over the sewing machine for nothing more than to see her children relentlessly happy on Halloween is something I'll always hold dear to me. 

Love you Jules! 

FOREman on Fire!


This picture makes me smile. Such a good weekend. Even though I started a George Foreman on fire via the stove and almost burned Mike and Kyles (sh*thole) apartment down.


Original Green Tall Wellington Boots by Hunteri want it to rain so i can wear my green hunters. and i just made pizza bagels.

via fashion toast


                        : ad3crop

GQ Mike The Situation Sorrentino, Pauly D, Vinny, Ronnie Jersey Shore Season 1 2 3

G.F.F. Stencil shirt


The site is a huge hit and has everything "THE SITUATION".  My personal favorite has to be Halloween costumes. This year I'm going as JWOW. I have the boobs and a dress from Bebe (with the tags still on - it's not real life appropriate) and I'm going to make Adam get a spray tan and be my gorilla juice head. He's got the muscles and (basically) the hair. 

I know the handsome mastermind behind the site and after it got a stellar 50,000 views this month I think he deserve a round of applause. His girlfriend better be DTF. 

P.S. I really hope he wins dancing with the stars. 

September 27, 2010


Image and video hosting by TinyPic
This girl looks so real. Taken by Tommy Ton for She's chic but not uberly thin. Again so real. So lovin it.


I love this picture. Thank you Scott. 

Friggin Anna. via the sartorialist.

walk the walk.


Bulgarian and The Boyfriend.

The Bulgarian liked it. 

I work for the most amazing company. My job is hard and taxing, but I love it. It's been such a learning experience and I'm thankful to be surrounded by fun and inspiring people on a daily basis. While I try and build my business in the first year I have (most) people I work with standing behind me.

Last week we ventured to the Wisconsin Dells to meet our seven other markets for the Annual Sales Conference. I've only been with MWFB since June 28th and I've heard many a story about the ASC. However, no one ever told me it would be a balls to the wall crazy party o'time. I've seen dance moves I didn't know existed. While I had an amazing time at the open bar, bonding with my new work peers, and learning outstanding information on Gitomer.

Now here is a story for the ages. I have a serious boyfriend (you all know this) I live with him and literally live for him. However there ain't nothing wrong with a little man candy. Not quite sure it's okay when said man candy is a Bulgarian waiter that works at the resort you're staying out. He was cute - undeniable - even by my boss and my male coworkers.

Male coworkers decided that it would be lovely to set us up. Bulgarian said he was going to get fried for talking to me but he thought i was very pretty, 30 minutes later I'm being escorted to the lobby by the Bulgarian, who then puts a soggy piece of paper in my hand. "Here pretty girl, my number. You call me. We talk!"

What is a lady supposed to say to that...

"Thank you sir. But i have a man I love. And you look VERY Eastern European up close and personal. Although I do look like a politician's wife right now I must let you go. You fine young man are a waiter, serving me heaps of meat that i will not touch, and I have the mots beautiful man in the world going to Physician Assistant school waiting for me at home."

Really I just shrugged said thanks and walked away. Showed my coworkers who judged me and said Adam was going to kill me. RIGHT....because I asked for this to happen. Totally my fault. Well...I called Adam feeling shunned off the dance floor by judgement and his response "Obviously, why wouldn't he..."

Ahhhh siiiigggghhh. Perfection confirmed.


Shop Rebecca Taylor

Someone go to and buy me everything. Please and Thank You.

tight rope.

I've seen a lot of fashion bloggers pull off these Henry Holland tights they are super affordable and super on trend, but I don't know if they are street walker or sexy fashion icon?

And i Ponder....

race to be on top.

Some great Social Media tips VIA Social Junction:

Define Your Goals. Your strategy is the path to achieve your goals; so set your objectives first.  Do you want to expand your customer base, drive sales, build brand awareness, educate consumers, increase brand loyalty, gain insight into your customer, gather product development input or feedback, etc.?  Don’t try to do all of these things at once.  Choose a few viable and sustainable goals for your first year.
Define Your Brand. The social platform offers you an in-depth opportunity to tell your story.  Who are you?  What is your mission?  What do you care about?  Most importantly, what do you want to resonate with your audience?
Define Your Audience. Before you can engage your audience, you need to understand who it is.  Gather the demographics: age, gender, ethnicity, and income.  Where are your current and potential customers geographically?  How are they using social media?  What are they currently talking about and to whom are they listening?
Define Your Community. Your audience is part of a larger community.  This is not just which social networks they are using, but with whom they are interacting within those networks.  Who are the influential players within the community?  Who are the authorities relevant to your industry and which blogs are the most read?   How are your competitors involved in the community?  What is important to the community?  How will you reach out to other experts within the community?
Define Your Commitment. Interactive marketing is a long-term commitment which involves virtually every department within an organization.  From marketing, public relations, and corporate social responsibility to IT, product development and customer service, internal collaboration will be essential to a successful social media campaign.  Do you have the full support of upper management?  Have you discussed the initiative internally with all departments?  What is your time and financial allocation to this platform?
Define Your Voice. If you were selling children’s products, you wouldn’t hire the Marlboro Man to be the face of your company in a television commercial.  The same consideration needs to be given to who will be executing your social media strategy.  Your “voice” will be representing your brand, amplified across the web, in a medium which requires both professionalism and personal engagement.  Will you outsource or execute internally?  What qualifications will you require?  There are a lot of self-proclaimed social media gurus out there and having a Facebook page with thousands of “friends” doesn’t make someone an expert.
Define Your Success. Establishing business performance metrics is essential.  What metrics and benchmarks will you use to qualify and quantify success?  There are many ways to evaluate social media performance:  customer impressions, ROI, increased sales, influence, and engagement.


This weekend was the best time of the year in La Crosse. Oktoberfest. Chalkfull of drinking, dancing and going 3 days without a solid meal. Cheers to the amazing people that made it happen - and to our amazing friends that came to visit.

Some of my favorite memories:

1.Our neighbor comes over and his father proceeds to scream at him through our screen window, "BOBBY! Where is my lighter!!!??"
2.Someone used the cap of our hand soap as a shot glass
3.Drinking 40's with Amanda
4. DOUBLE ICING the boyfriend & his best friend
5. Adam being surprised by two of his high school best friends coming to town
6.Voming from eating too much red velvet cake
7.Having a giant sleep over with 10 people in our one bedroom apartment
8.Eating homemade dixon dip
9. Doing my first "Fabonggo"
10. Seeing everyone laugh until they cried
11.Drinking a fish bowl
12. Taking a limo home from downtown by myself (and sitting in the front seat)
13. Being the loudest people where ever we went

September 26, 2010

cheers to my babe.

Mama you taught me to do the right things
So now you have to let your baby fly
You've given me everything that I will need
To make it through this crazy thing called life
And I know you watch me grow up and always want whats best for me
And I think I found the answer to your prayers

And he is good, so good
He treats your little girl like a real man should
He is good, so good, he makes promises he keeps 
No he's never gonna leave
So dont you worry about me
Dont you worry about me

Just saw this song on friend's blog. Because it's Carrie Underwood and about love I had to repost. I held back my tears - but it reminds me of how thankful I am for having the best mommy in the world and the most amazing man by my side. He constantly proves me wrong - that he's one of the good guys and I never have to worry about him being like the "cheating douchebags" I've dated in the past. SO. IN. LOVE.

September 23, 2010

September 18, 2010

boot wearing.

I'm in love with this Valentino bag. I can see it blowing either Gossip Girl way being a Blair or Serena. Dressing it up with a sleek black sheath for work and mussing it up with over the knee boots, dark denim, and a men's over-sized shirt.

I also love how amazing my style icon Rachel Zoe has been looking lately. She's really bringing her all with her hair and makeup - and is shying away from her usual bells in favor of leg baring skirts and over the knee tranny boots. She's beautiful.

I need these Aldo shoes. However I still can't commit to wearing tights with open toes...just yet. I see so many women doing it so well, but I'm not sure I can work it out!

These Aldo boots are really doing it for me. BUT I wish the body was suede and NOT fabric. Looks like a football jersey.

I'm not head over heels, but a good play it safe option.


Nine West basically sucks this season. I'm guessing my boots will be coming from Ann Taylor and Rachel Roy. Last years (green!) Hunters, my riding boots from five years ago, and my Ann Taylor (the most luxe leather) are holding up in perfect condition.



Jeremy Scott meets Lady Gaga? I think she will be all over his latest. 


Louise Rowe captured by the cobra snake.

shine on sailor boy.

Gryphon Sailor Stripe Top with Sequins in Navy/White

I love the mix of nautical and glamour. On sale at singer22 from $189 (it used to be $425!). 

holy chic.

Plastic Island Dark Romance Blouse in GreenPlastic Island Black Out Tee in BlackPlastic Island Geraldine Blouse in White Plastic Island Purple Haze Mini Dress in Purple

Loving all these Plastic Island looks. Holy chic!

rhythm of love.


play the music low...and sway to the rhythm of love. i'm obsessed with this song - and i'm not even halfway through my first listen. kind of perfect - and it just un-hung-overed me.


Kind of epic. via @gerihirsch

xoxo polyvore.

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