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September 27, 2010

Bulgarian and The Boyfriend.

The Bulgarian liked it. 

I work for the most amazing company. My job is hard and taxing, but I love it. It's been such a learning experience and I'm thankful to be surrounded by fun and inspiring people on a daily basis. While I try and build my business in the first year I have (most) people I work with standing behind me.

Last week we ventured to the Wisconsin Dells to meet our seven other markets for the Annual Sales Conference. I've only been with MWFB since June 28th and I've heard many a story about the ASC. However, no one ever told me it would be a balls to the wall crazy party o'time. I've seen dance moves I didn't know existed. While I had an amazing time at the open bar, bonding with my new work peers, and learning outstanding information on Gitomer.

Now here is a story for the ages. I have a serious boyfriend (you all know this) I live with him and literally live for him. However there ain't nothing wrong with a little man candy. Not quite sure it's okay when said man candy is a Bulgarian waiter that works at the resort you're staying out. He was cute - undeniable - even by my boss and my male coworkers.

Male coworkers decided that it would be lovely to set us up. Bulgarian said he was going to get fried for talking to me but he thought i was very pretty, 30 minutes later I'm being escorted to the lobby by the Bulgarian, who then puts a soggy piece of paper in my hand. "Here pretty girl, my number. You call me. We talk!"

What is a lady supposed to say to that...

"Thank you sir. But i have a man I love. And you look VERY Eastern European up close and personal. Although I do look like a politician's wife right now I must let you go. You fine young man are a waiter, serving me heaps of meat that i will not touch, and I have the mots beautiful man in the world going to Physician Assistant school waiting for me at home."

Really I just shrugged said thanks and walked away. Showed my coworkers who judged me and said Adam was going to kill me. RIGHT....because I asked for this to happen. Totally my fault. Well...I called Adam feeling shunned off the dance floor by judgement and his response "Obviously, why wouldn't he..."

Ahhhh siiiigggghhh. Perfection confirmed.

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