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September 10, 2010

Cuppie Cakie.

Every Friday I’m going to start focusing on what I consider to be a glammie blogger. A blogger that has style and substance. This week I chose Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere. She is beautiful, stylish, and well versed in fashion, interior design, entertaining, and the like. She seems like the kind of girl you would want to sit with in a garden and just drink Grey Goose and soda (with a splash of lime of course). She even designed a bag for Coach that evoked a throwback to Chanel. Chain strap, blush leather, and everything a girl could dream of.
I find her charming and beautiful – and I really want her to be my friend (ha only sort of kidding). I check into Emily’s blog daily - - and she was just feature on in their style stalker feature. Her out fits are to die for and I find her as a style inspiration weekly. If only I had the luxury of purchasing the clothes of her back; however, Emily does a great job of mixing high and low end pieces. While her Prada pumps will run up the cc bill – her leather shorts are from Forever 21. Check out her blog – if you are ceased to be inspired by it – you clearly are dull. 

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