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September 10, 2010

the great laundry debate.

QUESTION: If you live in a building with a "community" laundry room, is it okay for others to touch your clothes(ex. taking your clothes out of the washer and throwing them on a counter with their unsanitary hands after picking up the poop stained underwear of the person they are a 'caregiver' for because they have another appointment to get to when you work in an office and came on on your lunch break to have your clothes that were piling up washed)?

ANSWER: There is nothing okay about touching another persons possessions without their consent. Especially something as person as clothing - whether it be your lace undies or $200 pair of skinny jeans.

Full disclosure: This happened to me today and I lost my cool girl charm and bitched said caregiver out. She looks dirty, the clothes she was heaping into my just used laundry machine were heinously stained, and I felt violated. I rudely said, "I do not come into your house and put my dirty paws on your clothing. Thank you."

Sometimes you just have to stand your ground.

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