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September 8, 2010

lash lash baby.

Check out: 
Ashley Greene with Xtreme Lashes on the red carpet.

I've written about my eyelash extensions so many times, and can not tell you how much I adore having them. I have small eyes, sparse, and thin lashes(like Tori Spelling skinny) . So, these babies really make my hazel/green eyes pop. I tried another product, called Xtend Lashes, and let me tell you they SUCKED. The women who put them on promised them to stay as long as Xtreme Lashes (UM LIE!). I'm going back to Emily today at Natural Beauty who is going to put a whole new set on me.

Emily my go-to lash lady! She's the best in La Crosse (and the only person Xtreme Lash certified).

So natural. They fall off with your real lashes when they shed every 2-3 weeks.

Gotta love those collagen  pads. Let me say that the other salon I went to used HOCKEY TAPE under my eyes!!!

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