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September 2, 2010

loving you!

Taken last weekend boating in Chetek, WI 

I have the best boyfriend in the world. He is the love of my life, and the definition of apple of my eye. I couldn’t ask for a more loving, handsome and genuinely kind man to share my heart and closet with. It was a long journey for me to find him – and love again. After the most hellish of high school breakups I dated my way through college. All the Mr. Wrongs – Mr. so so so so so Wrongs. While some of them were cute many of them were NOT nice. Never did I think of Adam in my four years at Arizona State University. We met lifeguarding in high school. I had a "serious" boyfriend and was miss popularity, he was the shy football player. I often thought of said high school boyfriend – the what if’s, the whodunnits, and the why me’s?

But when I walked into a dingy, smokey, absurd bar on that September night I was instantly drawn to the cutest boy in the place – a bouncer. All it took was a “you look bored…” and the rest has been history. Apparently, another young man was vying for my attention the same night – I choose to forget him due to intention to stalk and professing of love after a 5 minutes conversation. My best girlfriends and I have found it true that love sneaks up on you in the strangest of places. We’ve all spent nights together crying in our PJ’s and sulking over too many glasses of Pinot Grigio (in Andrea’s case Merlot and Cori’s case boxed – love you ladies!). It was worth the wait because I’ve found the ONE (yes, this scares me, but makes me so happy). Adam you took my breath away this morning and surprised me in the cutest of ways this week by thinking my birthday present hadn’t come in the mail yet  (yes I’m a control freak). Thank you for making the bed, for making me smile, and for always making me feel beautiful. Thank you for singing in the car, forcing me to work out, and knowing that sometimes I just need to pout because I'm a girl and I miss my mommy.

To the boy who just surprised me with a HOMEMADE (yes by him.) ice cream birthday cake - that made me cry. I will love you forever and like you for always. I am so #$%^&* LUCKY and BLESSED to wake up next to you every morning. 

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