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September 27, 2010


This weekend was the best time of the year in La Crosse. Oktoberfest. Chalkfull of drinking, dancing and going 3 days without a solid meal. Cheers to the amazing people that made it happen - and to our amazing friends that came to visit.

Some of my favorite memories:

1.Our neighbor comes over and his father proceeds to scream at him through our screen window, "BOBBY! Where is my lighter!!!??"
2.Someone used the cap of our hand soap as a shot glass
3.Drinking 40's with Amanda
4. DOUBLE ICING the boyfriend & his best friend
5. Adam being surprised by two of his high school best friends coming to town
6.Voming from eating too much red velvet cake
7.Having a giant sleep over with 10 people in our one bedroom apartment
8.Eating homemade dixon dip
9. Doing my first "Fabonggo"
10. Seeing everyone laugh until they cried
11.Drinking a fish bowl
12. Taking a limo home from downtown by myself (and sitting in the front seat)
13. Being the loudest people where ever we went

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