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September 16, 2010

sickly little bug.

I'm ridiculously sick. I've been at home in bed for the last two days and haven't even had the strength to call and cry to my mommy. I have the worst sore throat - think sandpaper with shards of glass in it - and flu like symptoms going on.It's super glamorous. The weird thing- my unwashed hair looks extremely good (not that I'm spending my sick days checking myself out). Writing this is making me exceedingly tired - ming boggling head ache.

This M Missoni makes me feel a little better. I'm just stressed thinking about next week - and how flooded my work e-mail is right now.

However, you have to know your limits, and pushing through the pain won't make you healthier. It might make your job easier, but it all catches up.

Work tomorrow - then relaxing until early Sunday morning when I hit the road for the Annual Sales Conference. I guess I should pack...

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