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September 17, 2010

working out clothes. HELP!!!!!

Is it just me or is it extremely hard to find stylish and functional workout clothes without breaking the budget? I love all of the expensive brands, but can't justify spending $108 on yoga pants that will get me checked out my the creepsters in the La Crosse YMCA.


I work out with Adam nearly everyday and still like to look cute. I've tried Target (which is still sort of expensive for the quality you get) and T.J. Maxx and I can't find anything I like.My mommy (thanks mom!) bought me yoga pants from Target that have held up pretty well - they also make them in talls - so I can get Small/Tall so they are right and tight! I also love my nike an addidas capirs - but can't seem to find new ones that aren't priced super high.

The Nike Pro gear seems to be garnering a following and has a great selection - not to mention FREE overnight delivery. Yes, it shows up on your doorstep usually in 18 hours!

 The only thing I like to shell out for is a great pair of feather weight nikes so I can get my workout on in style and comfort. AT only $85 the Nike Free Run's are a bit of a steal and the most comfortable shoe I've ever worked out in. has a great selection - they are pictured above. Note: mine are the same color but LIME green - and kick ass!

Does anyone have a website that they have lucked out on? Or is it just a matter of the constant search?

email me!


All images via - black items are $25 and the pink leggings - which I will own in a mater of minutes are $35 - I guess I sort of answered my own question - BUT I STILL WANT SUGGESTIONS!!!!

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