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October 15, 2010


Branding the Govna - out at at bar with my dad!

Desperately missing my best friends from high school: Kaela  (Kulan), Katie KT E), Lauren (L Jesus), and Steph (Fanny Annie).

It must have been our freshman or sophmore year of college that we came up with the idea of THE GOVNA. A trade marked vodka that we made ourselves. It involved taking a plastic bottle of Gordon's and re-labeling it with out GOVNA label. It was amazing. We made little slips of paper that said "THE GOVNA" and LJ signed them herself. We went totally overboard, people started believing that it was acutually a real brand. Mind you, none of us were 21 at this time.

"Hey so I'm at the store...I can't find "The Govna" any where...."

It was insane. Hey govie this, hey govna that - it was this sickenignyl hysterical joke that our world revolved around. Since we've all graduated THE GOVNA and our $9 handles of vodka have be swept under the rug. I'm thinking a Thanksgiving Break reprise might happen.

This court jester is ready to roll!

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