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October 21, 2010

because it's all a blessing.


Current obsessions: the Anne Michelle bootsI so badly wanted and attempted to order three times, are never coming. Sold out. Sold out. Sold out. I desperately want these Ralph Lauren beauties but at $180 I have better things to spend my money on - like a 401K.

I want to try something new. to Obsess about the little things. Here are a few of my new age life blessings:

  • Adam literally LOL'ing while he watches family guy - there is nothing like the laugh of someone you love to perk up your day. 
  • Taking spur of the moment road trips. Because we're young and because we can.
  • Having Ugg clogs from 9th grade - keeping them for 8 years - and now they are back in style. p.s. they are red and furry.
  • The face that I really wear a size 28 but can squeeze into a 27. 
  • The luxury of being able to work out everyday - and enjoy it.
  • Having a family to call my own - and having Adam's in case mine annoys me that day.
  • That we have the ability to take whichever path we want in life.
  • It's not about the situation but how I react to it. (If you haven't read Gittleman you probably should).
  • Venting at work when I'm stressed beyond reality.
  • Having an amazing doctor that realize my need for Lorazepam is pertinent
  • Accepting people for their quirks - this has been a hard one lately.
  • When someone is miserable - they want you to get on their level. Refuse. And YES! I don't want to think, act, or scowl like you.
  • The fact that I get the chance to meet a lot of people and see a lot of things that others do not. While I admittedly turned up my nose at my boss when she said be here tonight at 7 PM and take it all in so you can work it better next year - I get to go for free. Most people had to be $15.
  • The little perks add up. 
  • Just because his ex girlfriend calls doesn't mean he likes her. You're the one living with him and there are a million other boys that would want your modelesque legs wrapped around them, but you chose him. We chose each-other. 

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