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October 19, 2010

lady lady lady.


It's not my goal to offend anyone, but in a client meeting all thoughts of race, gender, religion, looks and social class should be removed. A co-worker gave me a new view on this: pray for the women in that culture and look within to realize how lucky I am to be raised in a society where I was encouraged to be the best I could be at anything I desired. I was encouraged to go to college, become a successful professional and find a man that I love - all because I wanted to. I wasn't raised to be passive, inferior or succumb to the orders of the men around me.

So. I will pray for these women and this business owner. I hope that one day they realize that we are equals. That a woman can do the same job as a man. And that it's not whether you are a male or female, but about your character.

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