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October 8, 2010

Lip Service.

Her lips look perfect. The product sucks!
Nars Chihuahua the perfect mauve/nude pink $24 at Sephora

I'm all about lip products. My contact go to is Nars in Chihuahua; however, I sometimes like going out on a limb and trying new shades and brands. I have a particular distaste for Revlon - Bitten. You know, the commercials where Jessica Biel's lips look insanely perfection, and being a slave to advertising you buy it because this product will make your lips look like hers. FAIL. Adam said it looks like I was wearing "pink high-liter" - the stain looked great on my BFF LJ, but went on chalky, uneven and basically only saturated my bottom lip. $10 of wasted money.

O-GLOSS<br>Intuitive Lip Gloss With Goji Berry-C Complex™
$22 at Sephora
Smash Box  O-Gloss changes with your body's PH to come up with the perfect color. It's long lasting, minty fresh and leaves your lips with the most perfect pink shine.

Chanel has a lip gloss for EVERY skin tone. I love their hot pink shade (not pictured). I recommend Spark and Pink Teaser 
$27 at
I have this Revlon lipstick in a coral color. The only issue is that it it can tend to wear thing in the center of the lips leaving a trashy bit of what looks like lip liner. The key is to reapply and moisturize  - the shade (not pictured) is too pretty not to wear. 
Nars Orgasm looks great with tan skin and messy waves. It's a light shimmery pink and not going overboard is key to keeping it classy. Light lip gloss can go super trashy. Keep it chic with bronzed cheeks, black liquid liner and black mascara.
Nars Orgasm $24 at Sehpora

Rosebud Perfume Co. Smith's Rosebud Salve
You can't really go wrong for $5.99 at - great for cuticles too!


Maggie said...

i'm a new follower, love your blog! happy to see the review of the revlon just bitten...i almost bought one just the other day!

Molly Dixon said...

thanks pretty girl! i'm sure there are people that love just bitten - i am not one of them. i think a stain should be more liquid, this is like a felt tip pen with NO saturation!

glad you like the blog - what a wonderful compliment! xx