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October 17, 2010

little things.

Scottsdale. Speaker Phone. And my Loves. 

Being a lazy day and doing my laundry for six hours I've come up with a laundry (harr harr) list of some of the little things in life.

  • Ad not getting mad at me when I spilled my nail polish remover on the carpet
  • Two Butterfingers for $1.50
  • Buying new shampoo, face wash, nail polish, and dry shampoo
  • Trying to buy OCD vitamin D pills and realizing I would have to take 10 a day to match my prescription
  • The late night mac n' cheese pizza I had on Friday
  • Free drink tickets
  • Ad covering my ears in the middle of the night so I didn't have to listen the neighbors do the boom boom
  • Finding a knock-off pair of amazing shoes for half-price
  • Not getting a manicure for three weeks - that $75 saved!
  • Getting my Xtreme Lashes touched up for $31 
  • $31 going to breast cancer research
  • Lunching with my parents at my favorite place to eat Buzzard Billy's
  • Going on a double date to see the "Social Network"
  • My parents bringing my kitten Hadley to see me for the day!
  • "Friday Night Lights" marathons
  • "There is no such thing as a good looking mistress!" - Ad in response to the allegations that Brett Farve is worse than Tiger. I love him for saying that!
  • Having the greatest week at work. Super successful! Waiting is worth it! 

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