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October 26, 2010

ombre hair. a tale of a not quite oopps.

Ok so like the video below I tried the ombre hair technique. I mixed L'oreal powder bleach with 2 oz - with 20 volume developer. In other posts I've seen people have used L'oreal perfect blonde highlighting kit and other the mix I did but with 30 volume developer. The higher the number the developer - the most blonde you will get.

Well I started with the left side of my hair and got so worked up that I flaked a little bit on the right. So, I'm going to need to fix it. Also, it's not as light as I wanted.

Below is re-blogged from I really wanted to get the results she had. However - I think I need to reprocess. I need to brave it out and leave it in longer. 20 minutes the first time (I only did 10) and then 30 minutes if not blonde enough. I'm loving the look I did get - it's beachy and sexy!

This look is super easy to achieve it just takes patience - and super cheap! I'm so proud!


Eve said...

wow thats gorgeous!!

Correia Ribeyro said...

You look stunning! Don’t worry if it’s too light because eventually the color will fade unless you are religiously using a shampoo especially made for colored hair. By the way, do you know any hair salons in Perth that can do ombre hair coloring perfectly?