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October 17, 2010

she's got them good jeans.



I've never been a fan of runway jeans. They just seem pretentious and out of context. That being said I didn't post the picture from Refinery 29 of runway jean looks they hard, because I hate them. I love my skinny jeans and wide leg jeans and my heart beats fondly for bell bottoms. Everyone thought flares would go out of style, same with bell bottoms and wide leg jeans. Anyone remember Lee Pipes? My mom would never let me get them because she thought they were 'trashy'.

I've become less of a jeans girl in recent years. I used to have an obsession with all things jeans. I was like a crack addict for any pair that cost over $200. Seven, Citizens of Humanity, Juicy Couture, J Brand, Hudson (my absolute favorite), Paige, Antique Batik. I would blow my (mom's) money of all of them. Then I realized it didn't matter what decal I had on my back pocket, but rather how my ass looked and how skinny my thighs appeared.

Fast forward to now. I work - business attire five glorious days a week. If I'm not in BCBG high-waisted pants, I'm in yoga pants working my tush off at the gym to fit into said work clothes. So, when I put on jeans it's a rarity. I would rather choose my green cargo skinny chinos or a pair of American Apparel Leggings.

If I do put on jeans I often waiver between the two styles above. Both can go chic sophisticate. Both can look sloppy. With wide leg jeans it's best to wear a heel, with skinny jeans you can wear flats, heels, wedges, or boots.


Skinny jeans are starting to feel outdated to me. I don't feel my best when I put them on. And I'm till trying to find out the best way to wear my J Brand Lovestory jeans and my UBER wide leg Hudson jean trousers. They is a place in my heart for both. But when my scatterbrained fashion flooded heart choses which pair to wear - it's all about the ass.

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