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November 21, 2010

The Balm.

I never get zits. Like never - so luckily I decided to beef up my makeup since my winter paleness was setting in. I know what you're thinking - more complaining? Well no. This is a testament to my love for all products from The Balm. Beefing up my makeup - gave me a zit - I don't care if you can get deals and steals on concealer at Wal-Mart it's just not worth it. I think I used Cover Girl foundation - the stuff that smells like Vanilla and Cherry (warning sign right there) to cover my freakishly pale skin and under-eye circles. Huge regret I know have a crater on my chin (Adam promised he wasn't looking at it when I walked through the door - lies). If it works don't go trying to fix it. And if you're skin is crazy try The Balm tinted moisturizer and concealer - miracle products.

Here's the story behind the brand:

Marissa Shipman knew what she wanted to do - she wanted to combine her love for beauty with her desire to work in an environment where she could think outside the box, where everything smelled delicious and where people looked and felt fabulous. Instead of searching for this perfect environment, she decided to create her own world of all things beautiful.

She started by ordering 11 books from the internet on how to create makeup from scratch and then actually began mixing in her kitchen. Her background in theatre wasn't exactly best placed to master chemistry formulas, but inspiration and instinct led her to create the perfect master formula for a balm which included shea butter, beeswax, and castor oil. And that incredible story is exactly how TheBalm started life. Add perfect colour combinations and texture, and blend with a passion for encouraging everyone to look and feel 'damn fine'  and you have a range of beauty products that are made with only the best ingredients for a beautiful, totally natural look. 

Many of TheBalm products are multi-tasking, and provide a quick fix to making you look and feel your best anytime, anywhere. They are also known for their amazing formulas, gorgeous shades, clever designs, and inspired, witty, sexy shade names that are hard to forget.  Marissa says
the sassy names they have given their products reflect the personality of TheBalm; a mix of sexy and serious, smart and funny, romantic and rebellious. 

This is a beauty collection for women, created by women with real understanding of what truly makes a difference - on your face, in your handbag and in your life. 

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