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November 23, 2010

the best of the best.

Molly Dixon
That silly face its one of my favorites. Truly a best friend  - even though we live hours and hours away. 

I received the most beautiful and thoughtful Christmas card from Caitlin with this picture on it. From February 2010 in Central Park. (and i was blonde). My beautiful octo family. Missing you all dearly - loving you millions from a far.

I loved this day. I had to buy neon Hunter rain boots. And i made Michelle socks out of plastic bags to keep her feet dry. We went to the Guggenheim and saw the most erotic performance art and were followed by children doing a lifestyle project. Not to mention FIVE BLONDES in the middle of Manhattan was apparently quite the attraction. We drank a fishbowl with 100 straws in it - stayed up until 5 in the morning - and danced like there was no pain.

Let's do it again soon?

from the left: cori, me, cait, michi, dre

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