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November 20, 2010

forever tastes so pretty.


there's nothing better than getting that feeling for the second time. when you know you've made the right decisions and you found the person you know you'll be with forever. i feel so lucky that i don't have to fight my way through the brutal world of table top dating. that i get to wake up next to the same face every morning. and that when i'm away - even for three days - that i miss my love like crazy. literally homesick for adam right now. he's my comfort blanket in a world of stress, pain and rainy days. he's the calm to my crazy. talks me down from my crazy rants and fears. assures me that he's not like all the others and watches really horrible reality tv with me. he's made me enjoy football and taught me how to just stay in watch a movie and relax. i don't have to be going a million miles a minute. i've taught him that having a good attitude is the most powerful weapon in your arsenal. that things can't be bad - especially if they haven't happened yet. that the bright side of having a ton of laundry to wash is that when it's all folded and hung up - you have a ton of clean clothes. we calm each other down and rile each other up in the best way possible. i get annoyed with his lack of decisiveness and he gets annoyed with my constant need for doting on (babbbe do i look fat?). we push each others buttons and i wouldn't have it any other way. would my life mean less if adam and i weren't together? it feels that way. i have someone to share anything and everything with. he laughs at my constantly bruised legs and i crack up at the weird hair on his nose. i find him to be the most handsome man i've ever seen - the first time my dad met him he told my mom that adam looked like a male model. (ha!) he likes that i help him with his fashion choices and he knows that my fashion risks are my way of expressing myself. and holy crap is he smart. he's my exception to everything.i know my weekly rants about love - that basically say the same thing are probably over sharing and underwhelming - but love is something i can't define other than the way i feel in the pit of my stomach. and it makes me want people to be hopeful that if i can walk up to a bouncer in a bar and say "you look bored..." that meeting the person you're going to spend the rest of our life with is based on fate - the right place, the right time, the right person.


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