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November 13, 2010

furz and diamondz.

I love faux fur. And I really like making "kissy" faces (even though you can see into the depths of my nasal cavities). Unfortunately, since I (moved for love) live in a small mid-western town (which is considered a 'large' hub in these parts) I get taunted in public for my choices of attire. Do I care? No. Do I think it's ridiculous? Yes.

I feel as though my (heinous blackberry photos) outfits will be better appreciated in the virtual world I've created on here. To the guys at the bar petting me last night, throwing up peace signs in my face, asking what type of animal I was wearing - and to the find young man hitting on my with my boyfriend two step in front of me (at this point the fur was hidden beneath a hideous water repellent parka - which is the only reason he was hitting on me) - NA NA NA NA CAN'T TOUCH THIS!

p.s. my lovely skinnies were tucked into my boots that cost a whopping $3.50 (still waiting for my Sam Edelman Upgrades).

Pictures taken in a dive bar due to general fear of strange bar patrons and too many Miller Lites and Bonsai and Vodkas (they don't use Sugar Free Red Bull in these parts).

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