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November 17, 2010

is it fashion suicide?

I love wearing heels. Unfortunately I have few (outside of my work wear) that can keep me comfortable on my toes all night. If I put them on at nine I'll want them off my ten. That's no way for a girl to party. Thankfully I was blessed by the leg gods and don't have to wear heels, but I just feel prettier in them. And frankly I can't wait to take my Sam Edleman Falken boots out for a spin this week. However...I'm also anticipating some pain. Did you know that if you wear heels everyday (I DO!) that your calf muscles contract and wearing flats becomes uncomfortable. Ever since I read that while working on my fitness I've been switching it up. You know what I'm talking about though? When you get that tingly feeling in the ball of your foot and it's like ooooo mmm gggg one more step and I will D.I.E. It happens to me so often that I usually (and disgustingly) end up shoe-less. I spent my 24th birthday walking the dirty bares of La Crosse with nude toes.

Behold these babies:
 Rock'n Red SoleRock'n Red SoleFall/Winter 2010/2011 Snakeskins

Get them here:

You know those ugly ass flats that you can throw in your clutch to switch into - some places (like china) even have them in vending machines. Usually I would abhor at this idea - but I'm almost ok with the red soles just because they are a little more on trend (and will make people think you're rich - ha). I know Gap makes them and I swear i saw Dr. Scholls ones at Target or Walgreens or something. These babies run about $30 and come in a ton of different colors so you can un-sex your outfit with flats to your desire.

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