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December 10, 2010

AMPLIF∙eye Lash & Brow: Before

Ex. I'm sorry this is so grainy. Took is on my webcam. Will have to work on a better one! 

 Xtreme Lashes 
Can't wait to see the "AFTER" pics from @'s run with AMPLIF∙eye Lash & Brow--> Molly Dixon: xtreme girl crush!

Well ladies! Here is my before. I'm going to get my 3 week fill today - so this is starting from scratch. I've been applying to my top and bottom lashes before bed (on clean and dry eyes). Then right when i wake up do the same (brush my teeth to kill some time) and then put on my makeup as usual. I'd like to say POOF magic my eyes are brand new, but I've been told I won't see results for two weeks. Which is still super quickly if you ask me! And I'll have full results in 6 weeks - just in time for my modeling debut (I'll explain later).  Xtreme Lashes is doing some major AMPLIF∙eye Lash & Brow give aways! Check out their face book page (under Xtreme Lashes) or online at their blog: or daily newspaper:

I mean hello? These results are breathtaking! Six weeks until I'm ALMOST perfect!! 

Before AMPLIF•eye and 2 Weeks Later

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