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December 2, 2010


I don't think any beauty companies  can compare to Xtreme Lashes. I'm 100% loyal to their product - don't be fooled by cheap imitations (cough Xtend Lash brand). If I have a question - i simply tweet @xtremelashes and literally within 5 seconds they respond (really gratuitously too - major girl crush mode). Today I kept seeing a ton of posts about AMPLIF...and well Xtreme lashes just got a whole lot more gorgeous! I tweeted that I wouldn't dream of going without my lash extensions - who was I kidding - they made a lash enhancer to boost your natural lashes EVEN IF you're wearing their extensions.

Here is one bloggers explanation:

AMPLIF.eye is a non-drug, side-effect free product based on a potent complex of peptides, vitamins and nourishing extracts formulated to produce thicker, fuller, darker lashes without drugs or dangerous and annoying side-effects. It is also the only formula that is made to be compatible with lash extensions (love that!) and it also works on your eyebrows too.
So how does it work? AMPLIF.eye contains a potent trio of exclusive peptide complexes that have been proven to promote lash growth and help stimulate cell activity in the lash follicle where growth actually occurs. AMPLIF.eye has an exclusive delivery system that allows its peptides to deeply penetrate into the follicle to stimulate hair growth, nourish the lash follicle and strengthen the root structure. This power packed peptide formula is designed to amplify lash length, thickness and volume and give you lusher, darker and more plentiful lashes. via
So far everything I've touched from Xtreme Lashes has been gold - I love love love their Glide Liner - even so much they I entered an online contest to win $235 worth of them (I never do that kind of stuff). 

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