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December 9, 2010

Best Friends: ASU Edition

There is little in life as fulfilling as having a group of solid girlfriends. I mean unbreakable, inseparable, the kind of soul mates that last for eternity. I'd like to introduce you to my friends, that have become family.

Andrea, has been one of my dearest friends since freshman year at ASU. A road trip to California solidied our friendship - and we bonded over crazy boys and our love for expensive things. She's the most honest person I know, and not to mention the most level headed. If you have a problem she will point blank give you advice, if your outfit sucks she will tell you - and if hers every sucked I was totally honest with her. We have been through so much together: heartbreak, family illnesses, loss of loved ones, spending too much money on purses, and car troubles. She's now living the dream in NYC and made me insanely jealous the first couple of months she was out there working with stylists from Vogue. My favorite calls were the ones where she would ask me to help her pull accessories via a phone conversation. Each of us sitting in our beds, on out laptops, perusing online boutiques together. Dre - I think about you everyday - and when something happens (usually an awful outfit) that makes me think of you I get the urge to BBM you (now texting and driving is illegal in WI) and then per usual I forget.

Michelle is one of the most beautiful people I know inside and out. I loved bragging about her to my high school friends. She is that girl in "Knocked Up" that gets let into the club when the preggo chick and her older sister don't, she's also in "Transformers", and was in "Glee". Anyway. Michelle and I met on the first night of college. Her high school (boy)friend had given her a bottle of Jose as a going away present. Her roommate ended up being a totally heroin addict, so we would often hold weekly pow-wow's on Michi's fur-ish run. I'll never forget my first ride to Wendy's in her ride convertible with the most ridiculous license plates.  Michelle was that friend that would microwave a rice cake, get lost driving straight and go out of her way to make sure you were happy. The first time I saw her cry was junior year when she called me sobbing, so I ran over to her apartment (literally ran we lived 15 ft apart for 3 years). She was on her bed, in her bra, sobbing (ugh boys). Lady you make me laugh, smile and feel beautiful. I'm so lucky to have you in my life and feel so lucky to have shared so many wonderful times with you.

Again, since freshman year of college Whit has been in my life. Though we haven't had the smoothest friendship - living together for a year really tested our relationship. We've come out of it closer than ever. Whenever we get the change we have Skype dates and I could literally talk with Whit for hours. That's one of  her best qualities - there is no such thing as having a short convo with Whit - we always have something to talk about. I'm so proud of you for getting through nursing school babe - and getting your first big girl job. I've never doubted that you will make the best nurse ever and your patients are so lucky to have such a ray of light  taking care of them each day. Whit and I really grew up together and there hasn't been a time that she's failed to be there for me. Love you Whit - always.

Cait and I have a funny connection. We actually met on facebook the summer before going to ASU. We exhanged AIM names and talked all summer. We were basically friends before we got to college. On move in day Cait walked down to my room and we were inseparable from there on. If we weren't with one another people would ask where our sidekick was. We would have the most haggard hung over breakfasts, lay out at the pool get crisp and bond over frat boys. Over the course of the year I would go on to meet her boyfriend and best friend. I literally felt like I knew her parents first hand - I'll never forget Cait telling me her dad said I had a good aura. Cori and I ate our first Big Mac's with Cait. The girl and I could drink a handle to ourselves. Cait transered to NYU after our freshman year, but nailed failed to visit. This girl will literally be in my world for the rest of my life. She is so free spirited, carefree and humble. I don't think she knows how stunning she really is. I don't think I've ever met anyone more fun. She's always down for a drink - my kind of lady!

Cori. My love. I'm so thankful you transfered to ASU. I'm thankful you slept on my couch almost every night sophmore year. I'm glad we went through the good, the bad, and the f'in terrible together. We pushed one an others buttons and got made for two minutes, but we were always fine. You are infectiously happy and such an amazing woman. I can't believe you're getting married, buying a house and are growing into such a beautiful person. I'm so proud of you. There were times when you scared me. My que-que I think about you daily - your text messages of outfits you know I would hate make me laugh. I'm still really jealous of your eyelashes and that you were a model and that you ate dinner with Joaquin Phoenix even though you assured me he's short. MJ is one lucky man - you're going to make the most stunning bride. I'm so excited for July! You deserve happiness and health more than anyone - and I'm so thankful you've found it - Love you!

I love you are more than you know!

Cheers! xoxo

A few more memorable pics!

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