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December 10, 2010

Best Friends: High School Edition.

These girls have been my best friends since high school - and to this day they still are. I see them once a month if I'm lucky on my trips home and to Chicago. I'm SO looking forward to seeing my beautiful babes over the holidays. To spending New Years Eve in Chicago with Kalea, LJ and KT - and to laughing my head off every second of it. I truly feel like we are such peas in a pod. There isn't a lot we disagree on anymore - though we are each our own person - I definitely can see how we have shaped one another. You each have shaped me and help me grow into a more respectable, cautious and nice human being. You taught me that being mean won't get me anywhere and that I can't talk to strangers like that are the scum of the earth. I love each of you to the utmost extreme - I'm so thankful that I get to call you my friends. And god damn it you all are so beautiful.

Kaela -  we've become best friends for a long time now. I think we are going on 10 years(crazy). We've seen each other at our worst (throwing up and drunkingly crying) and at our bests - I don't think I have more fun with anyone. We share a passion for fashion (ew cheezy) and I'm so jealous of your superior style. We go to each other with the hard questions, and I think we've both heard and seen it all from one another. I think we have enough 'inside jokes' to write a book. I also love how we show up somewhere - usually wearing variations of the same outfit, makeup and hairstyle. We usually are thinking the same thing - and from a text across the room we confirm it (omg yes her dress is too tight). I've loved having you in my life - and even thought we don't get to spend every summer together since we're in the real world - I'm excited for a debauchedness new years!

Lauren. Jizzle. L-Jesus. LJ. Govna. I don't have any single name for you. This year you've really shown me what a best friend is - listening to my problems and being a sounding board when I send you ridiculous text messages. Your sense of humor and sense of style are amazing, and I'm so jealous that you're in Chicago - you and Kaela tearing the town apart. People who don't know you like WE do - don't know how honest you are, how open you are, how insanely funny you are. Literally a wit unmatchable to any. You've introduced me to some great girls from your college years and my favorite nights out in Milwaukee are the ones I get to spend with you. I don't think I've ever shared as many clothes with someone as I have with you. I'm still secretly on a mission to find you a husband (whether you like it or not) I have great matchmaking sills for you.

Katie. KT E. You are frickin amazing. Our recent heart to hearts over beers and greasy foods have brought me a lot of peace of mind. I'm here for you always...always...always. We haven't agreed on everything over the years we've been friends - hello - we are both strong willed and opinionated. My biggest regrets are being less than good of a friend to you in high school. I probably should be apologizing to you for the rest of my life, but we've moved past it. And our friendship has grown into one that I am so blessed to have. You don't know how beautiful you are - so work it lady - because any boy would be lucky (so so so so lucky) to have you on his arm. You're mature, in control and so level headed that I get jealous of you sometimes. You never seem to let a situation get the best of you and you've learned how to stick up for yourself. I love you little lady.

Steph. I think it's been two years since I've seen you, but we've managed to keep in touch about the 'big' things in one anothers lives. Boyfriend, moving, moving-in with said boys, jobs and the like. You were always my careful and cautious friend - you never wanted to step on anyone's toes or hurt anyones feelings and I always loved you for that. In high school we would get in the craziest fights  - and then be fine. We will always be connected, because of Sher and Jules. Remember our New Years Eves together? We would start out with the families - and finally - we got old enough to be able to go out! Summerfest, the govna, summers up north at your cabin, winters skiing at your cabin with our families. So, many great memories. I wish you and Andrea the best - and hurry up and get engaged! I want to go to a wedding.

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