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December 20, 2010

congrats linds!!!!!

September 2007

When I got a text with "Guess who's next!?" and a picture of a stunning engagement ring I was blown away. We are only 23 or 24, but when you know you know!

One of my college roomies Lindsey is ENGAGED!!!!! There were eight of us that were best friends two down (Cori & Linds) six more to go! It's going to be crazy to see the order we all get married in. So happy for you, you beautiful girl! I want to share the ring with you - it's friggin' amazing - but obviously want to respect linds' bridal bliss! I've yet to meet her hubby to be, but I can't wait to be at her wedding. I know exactly what it will be: over the top, glitzy glamor, sparkles and rhinestones and shiny! So thrilled that my ladies are finding the loves of their lives. Andrea sent me a card today wishing me a Merry Christmas and telling me she's so happy that I've found a special boy to share my life with. I want that for all of my ladies - because they deserve ONLY the best. My friends are beautiful!!!! 

so blessed. 

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