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December 2, 2010

Forever and Ever.

I love going through Forever 21's endless website and picking my favorite items. Hopefully they inspire you to take a leap of faith and make a purchase outside of your comfort zone. I always love hearing when I've recommended something on the blog - and a reader actually buys it. Pure joy my loves - pure joy.

This headband is $3 - so it's sort of ridiculous if you don't buy it. With cascading messy curls and rosy cheeks. I smell a snow bunny!
This icelandic cardi is right on trend for the right price - $27.80 baby!

Stripes always look amazing. This shirt has unique sleeves - and for $19.80 I'm all about it!

If i went to YALE - this would be my uniform. Adorable.

SOOOO clutch. $17.80 - to relive the 5th grade!

Yummy rhinetones. I'm totally into glam costume jewelry at the moment.$9.80 big spenders!

At $19.80 this dress will look killer on NYE - with black tights, tranny clogs and a leather jacket!
$34.80 - want. need. crave.
$32. 80 - love!

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