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December 5, 2010

hair woe.

my hair is boring me to death. i got it trimmed about a month ago and the ombre has been faded (so i don't look as cool). i can't look messy for my job - yes. i always have to look put together. that's part of why they pay us. my roots are a little darker and i'd like and despite being 24, i have like 6 gray hairs that slap me in the face every time i look i the mirror. now, i don't trust anyone to color my hair. i'm just way better at doing it than most stylists. probably because i know what i like - and the number of times i've payed hundreds upon hundreds of dollars to walk out of a salon unhappy is countless. so i taught myself...

here is some inspiration. i don't know if i want to do more ombre, go bronde or darker. sometimes i feel goth if my hair is too dark (even though i'm told it looks great i just don't feel like bubbly molly).

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