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December 11, 2010

I'm living in a winter wonderland right now - or hell, take your pick. I just used a broom (yes. a broom) due to three feet of snow over taking my car. Right now I'm so thankful for leather Uggs, Northface down jackets and Burberry wool man scarfs (I don't care how out of style they have become - this thing is like a metal shield from the wet snow going up my nostrils). My Cynthia Rowley hat did not fare well - and I have a distaste for my hair getting wet anytime it doesn't involve a shower.

Speaking of Cynthia Rowley, would you rock this tassel skirt?

I don't hate Burberry, but still think that people wear it to look rich - and not to stay way.

Update: There is a blizzard warning until NOON tomorrow. I wish I still had the option of snow days...

Adam and I needed nourishment - so we walked - two blocks to Boot Hill Pub. It's a local jaunt known for greasy food in the old La Crosse boot factory. The hostess was so sweet and I'm currently harboring a chicken finger and sweet potato fry food baby.

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