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December 13, 2010

Sugar Sugar ohhhh honey honey.

On one of my usual quick runs into Walgreens (to the cosmetic department of course) I met the most lovely employee. She insisted I needed 10 samples of Burt's Bees new sugar scrub. She was right. My pore are ridiculous. I would show you a picture, but they are little tiny little ant holes. My makeup keeps sinking in no matter how much silicone based primer I put on. My Xtreme Lashes fairy godmother at Brilliant Bodywork in Onalaska, WI suggested I try microdermabrasian. I've had chemical peels and many a facial at the plastic surgeons (JUST a facial - the center on Port Washington Rd. had the best aesthetician - medically licensed that is)! I don't think this scrub is meant for your face - and it's ALL NATURAL - so I figured I would give it a go. My pores are clean, my skin is smooth and my cheeks have their rosy glow back. I definitely recommend this product and at $13 you don't have too much to risk except for stunning skin! Oh...and it smells good enough to eat. 

Cranberry & Pomegranate Sugar Scrub

Scrub your way to smoother skin.  100% NATURAL

How it Works

This luxurous body scrub gently exfoliates to leave skin silky and soft. A deliciously sweet blend of cranberry seeds and pomegranate oil combine with natural sugar crystals and shea butter to gently polish and condition skin leaving it feeling healthy, smooth and glowing, naturally.

How to Use It

Apply scrub to dry or wet skin and rub in a circular motion, then rinse. Rinse thoroughly.
Pomegranate Oil

Featured Ingredient

Pomegranate Oil — Pomegranate fruit oil (punica granatum), from the tree Punica granatum, contains several polyphenols and anthocyanidins (pigment that gives certain fruits their dark red colors), which are high in antioxidants

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