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December 15, 2010

these two again.


Almost 365 days apart. November 2010 vs. November 2009. A year has definitely aged us, but it feels like i a good way. I went down a size in pants, started parting my hair in the center, and found my epicenter of confidence. Adam's baby face is long gone - as is his short hair. I still rock those boots, and he still love's his converse. I bought that shirt on his interview for PA school in La Crosse - and to think I live here with him now. My hairs darker, my hearts lighter and I'm so very proud of the both of us. We spent all of 2010 together from start to finish. The longest we've ever gone without seeing each other was 10 days. I was in the process of finishing out my last two weeks at my old job, and Adam was just starting school. This will be our second Christmas together, our second New Years Eve together - and I love him ever more than I did the first time around. I think we look great after a big year of huge changes. It hit me this week - that I'm actually growing up. Buying my first new car, paying my own rent, going to work each day and working with businesses that rely on me to bring in more revenue for them. 

We've got about two weeks left to cherish 2010. Was it good to you? I'm excited for 2011 and (as much as I hate not having a plan) I'm excited for the adventure to start...

all over again. 

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