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December 7, 2010

va va vroom.

Boy oh boy. Do I have thoughts on today. I went to bed last night mad - I hate doing that because I know I'll wake up in a funk. Off to a meeting at 8:30 - which really started at 8:15 - my client was sick (unbeknown) to me. I took notes for said client, but still a little sad. I worked my little tush off and the 10 degree weather did everything to solidify my crass mood. I tried snapping out of it - two sugar free redbulls deep and emoticon texts from le boyfriend did nothing. I was working so a manicure or shopping wouldn't nor would it be appropriate. So I went home for lunch, ate a rice cake with pepper jack cheese (yum), and proceeded to spill tomato soup down my sweater. Not cute, even if you're into that sort of thing. So, my days goes on I work away and at four i have to go to a clients for a remote (it's where you do live commercials from the clients location - I love this client so it was fun - I was in good company). Get in my little Saab and start my drive home - chuggg. chuggg. chuggg. Steering wheel painfully jerking me to the right - OH WAIT - flat tire.

Writing this - and reflecting simultaneously - there really is no climax to my story - no point - no happy ending ok I lied - EVERY STORY SHOULD HAVE A HAPPY ENDING!

My day ended with: Clairol Root Touch - Up really worked - woo hoo - cheap and easy. And the glass of merlot I have sitting next to me is warming me from the inside out. I'm watching Millionaire Matchmaker and it's making me feel really good about myself. 1. I'm not as mean as Patti 2. I'm a brunette - she justifies what you already know. Brunette is the new blonde. My loving client also made my day by saying: "You're the only person I know that can wear three winter coats and still look thin!"

-True story. I had on my wool moto jacket, thin puffy north face, and h&m belted hounds tooth coat. (not to mention a cardigan underneath)

"Tall glass of water. Fine glass of wine." - Thanks Patti

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