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December 14, 2010

woooooeeeeee sllllow down.


I've loved the quote "just try and ruin my day" ever since I've heart it. We all let the little things stress us out. What do you get him for Christmas? Is the donut I just ate already showing up in my left thigh? Would my eyes look better with some botox? Did I really just drop my Blackberry and leave it in that icy parking lot?

Well today my day as going fine. I woke up it was -12 degrees (with a -28 windchill). I moseyed over to work. Did some catching up and popped out the door to a meeting. Then the good streak ended. My 'oil pressure' light went on. I call good ol' dad who says I need an oil change ASAP. FYI - no one has taught me about oil changes and rotating tires. I called/went to six body shops, dudes driving to clients is part of my job, no one could get me into next week.

By this time I'm freaking out and head over to a dealership. and blah blah blaahhh. They tell me my engine is dunzo. End of the story - I now have to buy myself a new car - not really what I wanted my bonus money to go towards.

Moral of the story: I'M A REAL ADULT!

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