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January 19, 2011

eyelashes in french!

Yeux de Biche

Tiens. Voici que je vois arriver trois de mes copines avec de grands yeux aux cils incroyablement longs, brillants, et fournis.
Tellement qu’à chaque battement de cils, j’ai l’impression que je vais me prendre une bourrasque, dis donc.
Alors, vous avez deviné ce qu’elles ont fait ?
Des extensions de cils. Il paraît que toutes les filles sont accro à ça.
Here you go: three of my friends I just saw with the most incredibly long shiny eyelashes I’ve ever seen.
They were so long that with each little bat of the eye, I felt like I was about to be swept up in a windstorm.
So, have you figured out what they did?
Eyelash extensions. I’ve heard that all the girls are addicted to ‘em.
Okay so yeah, I’m not so much up for giving it a shot. It seems oddly barbaric to me and I don’t want to think of the whole eyelash one by one application process (For some reason it’s super gory in my head with the eyes bursting open and everything. Brrrrr!!!) and on top of that, when I want to make gusts of wind with every bat of my eye, the duo of eyelash curler and mascara seems to do the trick just fine.
That said, I gotta admit that it’s super pretty and I’m totally curious. Are you addicted to these as well? How does the whole process go exactly?
And if you’ve never have that done, are you with me (Brrrrr!!!) or are you totally ready to give them a try?

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