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January 14, 2011

friday pic(k)s.

i try to browse the internet every night for pictures that inspire me. they leave me lustfully drifting off to sleep, and give me inspiration for what i can wear after my 9 to 5. i often don't feel 'cute' in my work clothes. being the mid-west and the middle of winter i often take to wearing my shearling lined boots under my work pants. my favorite slacks (and i know i've said this before) are high-waisted and black by BCBG; however, they ONLY work with 4+ inch heels - no dice in 3 feet of snow and ice. i'm extremely accident prone, i always say my feet are just so far away from my head. and it's true - i'm all leg dude. on the weekend i can dress a little more freely, im not getting in and out of my car to see different clients, and if i'm dressing up it's probably to stand in a crowded bar in this college town known as la crosse. layering is my best friend in winter and you will often find my secretly hoarding footless tights under my leggings or jeans. TIP: wear footless and them put on wool socks - the nylon in tights won't keep your feet as warm as having wool right next to the skin - it wicks away moisture and is much warmer. adam and i went to rochester this afternoon to check out the city, he will be there next year at the Mayo Clinic (woo hoo for him!). there are these stores there, Hanny's, that have great classics. i almost treated myself to the cutest Pendelton snow hat - but decided my Cynthia Rowley beanie with rhinestones was a bit more my style.

here are friday's pic(k):

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