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January 19, 2011

only prettier.

People often assume I'm Asian. In my adolescent years it was often funny for boys to refer to me as "AI" or Asian Invasion. Over they years it's bothered me less and less. If you're going to make fun of me for looking Asian, but not being Asian - well it just doesn't make sense. I'm comfortable enough in my own skin and am often compliment on my exotic looks and unique eyes. What used to make me feel different, in a bad way, makes me feel beautiful. And I'm pretty sure those boys that made fun of me went on to have an Asian porn fetish in their later years. However, I still find it awkward when people ask me what ethnicity I am. It happens everywhere: getting a haircut, a the bank, my manicurist, hotel staff, grocery store clerks. I don't ask someone who appears to be mixed, "so you're like black and what else....?" because that would be offensive. This beautiful woman got me thinking - you're all just jealous! She is stunning and so well dresses. So take that and chew on it. I may not look like the All-American - I'm just like you ONLY PRETTIER. 

On that note: stop being so judgie. 

I had to post this - I saw this on and couldn't resist. Told you people think I'm Asian!

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Jaclyn Nicole Tigue said...

Girl, i feel ya!! I apparently have "asian hair" and have been labeled every ethnicity under the sun LOL : )

Let 'em wonder!!

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